Let's get your money back

We can offer you different services regarding debts recovery from the Romanian companies or natural persons.

Please contact us in order to obtain our proposal regarding the fastest way to recover your debt!

Customized debt recovery plan

Experience taught us that debts recovery situations are not alike and the best option to maximize the debt recovered percentage is to customize a plan, built carefully for each client.

Dedicated contact person

Your request shall be managed by one of our colleagues through the entire process, so you will have a designated project manager to work with. He will be happy to assist you in every aspect considered important during the recovery procedure.

Friendly approach

First of all, we will contact the debtor via telephone and propose to him a common agreement on the debts payment plan. If needed, a meeting can be appointed.

Tailored reports

You will be informed in due time regarding the collection procedure. Your approval will be obtained for certain procedures during the recovery process.

Our fee

After analyzing your request, we shall propose you a flat fee plus a variable fee from the recovered amount. Every offer will be discussed particularly.