Let's keep track of your money

We can offer full accountancy and tax consultancy services for your business.

Our accountancy team consists of fully qualified CECCAR accountants which will ensure most optimized solutions for paying the company taxes.

Customized tax plan

Our accountants shall make an assessment upon your business activity and will propose you the most optimized way of paying your taxes.

Dedicated contact person

The company accountancy will be taken over by one of our colleagues which will be appointed as the lead accountant of your books. He will handle all the necessary paperwork with the tax authority, including all the required declarations and statements. He will also be available for day to day tax consultancy upon your request.

Tailored reports

You will be informed in due time regarding the procedures that are being fulfilled for your company.

Our fees

After analyzing your business activity which is free of charge, we shall propose you a monthly fee for our services.